About us

“When I gifted my girlfriend a diamond ring, convinced in giving her a symbol of luxury and excellence, I was raproached for the banality of my gesture, lacked of any personalization, seeing that selling diamonds was my job”

The concept behind Quid Jewelry was born at that moment- Create a jewelry line where Design and personalization are the core elements. Quid Jewelry was founded by Cristiano and Barbara Oppo, who, after working for years in the luxury sector, have decided to launch their own line of jewelry. For more than 10 years, the two Campanese siblings worked for a multinational European company as the sole Italian distributers of Russian diamonds, the most exclusive and researched diamonds on the market nowadays, with a long list of customers that included high fashion brands known worldwide. The choice to become jewelry makers enables Quid to tell the story of each person in a unique and less conventional way.