la storia di quid


Quid Jewelry was born in 2014 as a new project of personalized jewelry, characterized by a blend of ideas- technology, modernity, emotionality, empathy and style. Quid Jewelry, with the concept of jewelry personalization and through the method of 3D printing, allows the imprinting of a date, name or word which are meaningful for those who wears the jewel.

Each product launched to the market is the result of rigorous planning, technical excellence and aesthetic sensitivity, all which give life to collections with a seductive, cutting-edge designs that highlight the essence of the matter through original and unique lines, in a continuous search for shapes, materials and colors.

Those who choose Quid jewelry are dreamers with a sensible soul but at the same time, have a strong and determined character. They know what they want and how to show it with great passion and style.